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“I believe pleasure is a human right and that social change can be achieved with pleasure-based, inclusive sex education.”

Jamie J. LeCLaire

Jamie J. LeClaire (they/them) is a sexuality educator, freelance writer, &
digital media consultant.

As a #Themfessional for the emerging platform for all things trans and nonbinary health & wellness, @ThemsHealth, Jamie answers anonymized questions with advice and resources!

Jamie currently holds an executive board position at YES! (Your Empowered Sexuality!) a non-profit organization dedicated to providing empowering, engaging, inclusive & accessible sex education to schools and communities.

Jamie is a non-binary, pansexual, aromantic, straight-sized, white, lower middle-class person living with chronic illness. They reside in Philadelphia (on Lenape Territory) and enjoy alt-comedy, homemaking, crafting, swimming, and dog-walking in their free time.

Jamie is currently pursuing a Masters of Education in Human Sexuality with a track in Nonprofit Management. They completed a Bachelors Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Human Sexuality in 2016.

Since 2014, they have facilitated educational workshops & created various digital content focused on trans and nonbinary sexual health, wellness, and education, body politics & fat acceptance, kink/BDSM, porn literacy, polyamory and consensual non-monogamy, and sex work advocacy.

Jamie has also developed a growing social media platform, @JamieJLeClaire on Instagram & Twitter, aimed at making sex education CELEBRATORY, accessible, radical, and queer as hell! They share tons of information, tools, and resources, engage with followers, host q&a’s, review pleasure products, have giveaways, partner with other sexuality professionals, and more!

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