Accessibility & Masturbation


Pleasure and masturbation has long been left out of the conversation for folx with chronic illness, pain disorders, and/or a disability.  

I align my work with what adrienne maree brown has coined “Pleasure Activism”. Pleasure is a manifestation of liberation and freedom that all should have to access and right to. Brown recognizes our inherent right to pleasure and posits that “our social structures must reflect this” in the prioritization of those affected by oppression and marginalization.

Masturbation, while it can be empowering, soothing, and exciting, can also be quite difficult for individuals with mobility difficulties and other physical challenges. 

With chronic pain affecting around 20% of the US adult population (that’s 50 million Americans), and a population of Americans with disabilities as large as the population of California, this is a PREVALENT issue. Not to mention, sexual pain related disorders affect 12-15% of US adults! 

In good news, more and more companies are starting to recognize the importance of accessibility, and overall comfort and ease of use. In addition, the positive benefits of the internet (connection!) have offered us ways to connect with professionals who specialize in pleasure, sex and masturbation for people with disabilities and chronic illnesses. 

Check out this brief, convenient product & services roundup and please leave recommendations in the comments and I will share! 

  1. @Ohnutco - the Oh Nut is a stackable silicone “buffers” for control over level of penile or dildo insertion, vaginally or anally)

  2. @dameproducts - the Pillo (large comfortable wedge designed to assist with accessibility and comfort) for & the Fin vibrator are both great for mobility and pain issues!

  3. @unboundbabes - the Bender is a handy vibrator that is quite long and powerful and bends conveniently allowing for various grips and positions, good for reach difficulties | They also sell a wonderful bondage tape which is extremely useful in strapping down sex toys, wheelchairs, etc and to allowing for more stable, hands-free enjoyment (without leaving a sticky residue)

  4. @SportsSheets offers a range of styles of swings and other assistive mobility products at a reasonable price range. 

  5. @CrippingUpSex Offers such a wealth of information for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities on sex and masturbation via Webinar classes and private consultations!

  6. For people with penises, the Pulse III Solo is an option that is @andrewgurza approved

  7. Wands are also often considered to be a more accessible option because of the size, most range from 1 ft to 1.5 ft long and are meant to stimulate the clit.

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Jamie J. LeClaire