How to Show Cheating Wife up in Her True Colors

How to Show Cheating Wife up in Her True Colors

Business Insider informs that 19% of married women have affairs with other men. What is more, 35% of respondents answered that they have emotional relationships with someone else except their husbands. That’s why cheating became a serious problem and almost any man can face it.

Of course, it may be difficult to conduct whether your wife is a cheater. At the same time, there are certain warning signals that can help you to find out the truth. Read this article to get acquainted with them and get rid of your tantalizing questions.

Reasons Why Your Wife Is Cheating

According to Robert Weiss, an expert in relationships between men and women, there are seven major reasons why women cheat. Some of the listed below will help you to get an idea of why a woman may choose to stray instead of fighting for her relationships. 

1. Women need to know you care


Social connection is extremely important for women. They need to feel the presence of their husbands in their life. It does involve feeling secure and loved. If you’re away 80% of the time, and the other 20% you just sit in separate rooms, do not wonder if she starts looking for attention someplace else. The majority of men justify the lack of attention by being constantly busy with work. But you have to find a balance between business and personal life, otherwise one of these will suffer and eventually slip away from you.

2. Women need to feel intimacy

There are many languages of love, as you know. You’ve probably discovered which one your beloved prefers, otherwise you wouldn’t be a husband and a wife. 

Some women need to feel men stay close physically. Others may strive for verbal communication. Some women love to know that their men will be there for her, standing behind and willing to defend her interests, while others are fond of presents and perceive them as a sign of love. 

Whatever her love language is, stick to it, and don’t let the time and different consequences interfere. She chose you: be the one who she once fell in love with. 

3. Women need diverse sexual life as much as men

Sexual life is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Consider that women enjoy sex as well as men do. 

Yes, for the majority of women, emotional closeness is much more important. However, for many girls, sexual intimacy is also a way to reduce stress and stay healthy. If she’s not satisfied with you, she may start searching for someone able to fulfill her needs in bed.

4. Women can experience depression

When we start a relationship, we never know what will happen in the future. People are changing during their whole life. In addition, sometimes women may expect too much from their new partners.

Women and emotions cannot survive without each other. Emotions are an integral part of their nature. Sometimes women suffer from something that is well-known as dissatisfaction: it’s when your expectations don’t match with the reality. In addition, they may feel frustrated and cornered when they don’t know what they want. 

You may argue with that, resent, wonder, and tell how stupid it is. And yet, it’s the way they are, and nothing is going to change in the near 100 years (unless all the humans turn into robots and there will be whole other rules set up in society).

So, in order to keep your woman satisfied and happy, you have to strike the right balance between giving her freedom and yet standing behind her as a wall. She must feel that if she steps away, she’ll fall. At the same time, she must feel free and fulfilled with her personality. 

Be the stone castle for your woman, but not the intimidating ghost stalking her all the way around. Be her friend and partner, the one she won’t fear to confide in, talk about stupid and shameful things, and at the same time, the one who she’ll respect out of her own desire.

 5. Everyone carries a childhood trauma within

Every human being is raised in a certain environment. Everything we see as children is stained in our brain and follows us throughout the whole life. It’s not the matter of our choice. 

Suppose her mother cheated on her father, or changed partners frequently. In that case, she could absorb this behavioral model and unconsciously stick to it, especially as a way to run away from problems. In this case, the best option is to discuss this issue with her and suggest professional help.

6. Women can’t stand being ignored

A woman has a very sentimental and vulnerable personality. As time passes, family life becomes a mundane routine, and many men forget about how wonderful and intimate relationships may be. They stop making compliments or surprising their wives with presents. Talk to your spouse and always ask her about what she is thinking of as well as about her problems, desires, and future plans.

7. Sometimes it just happens

Even most sincere and committed wives can step wrong. A drunk stupid night, falling in love, being tempered into engaging into sexual relationships with a “cutie” who owns a gorgeous body, female friends who spur them to commit adultery, changes in society, where it is implied that there is nothing wrong with leaving your husband if you have problems, and many other things out there that can contribute to her decision. 

Your part is to keep up with updated trends and maintain that level of understanding and passion that you two have at the beginning. If you do nothing wrong, and she starts cheating, it’s now your fault then, you should never feel guilty even partly. 

Signs You Have A Cheating Wife

When a woman is cheating, her behavior significantly alters. The sooner you manage to notice these changes, the lesser pain will be for you while dealing with it. 

Here are some subtle signs of a cheating wife. 

1. Your wife has changed her passwords

When a man and a woman decide to enter into marriage, it means that there are no secrets between them anymore. Usually, husbands know everything about their wives, including the passwords to their accounts in social media. However, in case your wife suddenly changes them for no reason, it could be a wakeup call for you that something has changed.

2. Your sexual life has changed

It’s a no-brainer that every couple faces with the problems in sex life from time to time. But still, if you notice that the connection and intimacy between you and your wife are disappearing, you should realize that something is wrong.

Furthermore, sometimes it may happen so that your wife starts introducing a lot of new things in your sex life. Although you may be happy as a clam due to new experience, remember that this is one of the major signs of a cheating wife. It is especially related to women who have been very shy in a bedroom but suddenly becomes a master of their craft.

3. Your wife doesn’t let you do the housework

Probably, any woman will be glad and thankful if her husband helps her with house cleaning and laundry. That’s why only a cheating wife will never appreciate your intentions to help her.

Often, it’s possible to find evidence of unfaithfulness among your wife’s stuff and clothes. They may include such things as dinner bills, romantic gifts, someone else’s clothes, and others. Besides, pay attention to all unknown and strong smells on her clothes. In case you can recognize an odor of the unknown men’s cologne, you should pay close attention to her behavior.

4. Spending long hours at work

Career is an important part of our life. But still, if you’ve noticed that your wife has started spending extra hours in her office, you should be careful. As a rule, cheating women tell their husbands that they are working late to hide their secret affairs. 

Almost as men, a woman can conceal her affair by referring to a heavy workload. 

5. You are accused of cheating out of blue

The ironic fact is that often a cheater projects their guilt onto other people. If your wife starts accusing you of cheating, it might be a sign of her self-guilt. Remember, that this is a manipulation, which aims to keep your attention away from your wife’s strange actions and pieces of evidence that may reveal her secrets.

During such a conversation, any husband or boyfriend may get so upset that he will start thinking his wife hates cheating and will never do it to him. But still, you shouldn’t fall for her ploy and maintain your composure in case a woman tries to use this trick.

6. She has started focusing more on her appearance

The woman’s desire to look perfect is always appreciated by her husband. Nonetheless, she may dress nicely in order to attract another man and start new relationships.

She won’t do this intentionally. It’s just a woman’s nature: to attract a male partner, she has to look her best. Again, it happens suddenly. For example, she always hated wearing skirts, and then suddenly she’s a skirt fan, buying one after another, the next one is even shorter. Dresses or skirts, transparent tops, or anything figure-hugging, just out of blue, always indicates she wants someone on board.

She’ll be suddenly very attractive and sexy, and at the same time, spending less time at home, with you. Your relationship won’t move even an inch, while her appearance will improve greatly.

7. You receive unexpected gifts

Any person adores receiving presents. However, in case your wife has started showering you with gifts for no specific reasons, it could be a signal that she is trying to clear her conscience.

 It’s a well-known fact that presents may help a person to butter anyone up. And if your wife uses this strategy, she certainly is guilty of something terrible, probably, infidelity.

8. Your honey spends more time ignoring you

If you’ve noticed that your wife is dreaming of something while you’re telling her about your problems, it’s likely that she has lost interest in you. The loss of interest often becomes the main reason why women decide to cheat on their husbands.

Another warning sign that your spouse has an affair is her desire to spend more time without you. Usually, the women, who are cheating on their husbands, don’t have any wish to have fun with their partners by doing something together. They prefer thinking about the new passion instead of putting time into their marriage.

9. Change in Habits

There may be even more changes than just a sudden desire to train her body or new sexual experiments. As a rule, cheating women stop saying “I love you” to their husbands. In case you ask her to do it, she may even run afoul of you.

Plus, she can take up a new “hobby” that requires spending some hours per day. However, she’ll be getting angry when you ask her about her new interest. Unfortunately, there is a fear that such a new hobby is related to another man.

10. Your wife constantly gets mad

It goes without saying that even people that love each other face having serious arguments from time to time. But then again, usually, there are some viable reasons for the variance.

However, infidelity often results in stress and uncontrolled anger. Your cheating wife is most likely to unleash her frustrations on you. That’s why she will be saying you are stupid, unsuccessful, wrong, and awful. What is more, be ready that she may pick a fight with you.

11. Mysterious Phone Calls and Messages

cheating wife

If you notice your wife constantly receives strange calls and messages that include incomprehensible information, you should ask her what’s going on.

Unluckily, there is a possibility that she won’t tell you a truth, especially if she is cheating on you. Of course, there are a lot of apps that will help you to spy on your spouse. They can provide you with direct access to her messages and phone calls, so there are no doubts that you’ll get to the truth.

12. Your spouse refuses to post your family photos

Check out whether your wife hasn’t deleted the evidence of your marriage in her social media profile. In case you can’t find any family photos, it means that she is trying to make herself available for a new romance.

Additionally, don’t forget to pay attention to her relationship status. If she has changed or hidden it, then this is just the right time to get your marriage under control.

13. Your wife doesn’t want to visit specific places

Any couple should have a list of their favorite restaurants, theaters, or parks. It’s so nice to spend there a couple of hours. The bad news is that things will dramatically change when your wife starts cheating on you. It may happen so that she has shared your special places with another man and now, she’s afraid of meeting him there.

On the other way around, she can refuse to visit new locations. Especially it refers to bars, cafes, hotels, and luxury restaurants. If your wife begs you not to go there, you should ask her about the reasons for her rejection. Bear in mind that in case she isn’t able to explain such strange behavior, she may be a cheater.

14. She refuses to go on family trips

Trips help people to improve their relationships and have a great time together. Due to it, you may be confused when your honey won’t agree to go on a journey with you. Furthermore, she may insist on taking solo trips. In addition, a cheating wife will certainly stop planning your family vacation.

15. Your partner spends her free time with single friends

Girls adore hanging out together. But still, things change when they start their own families. They stop choosing the loud nightclubs but prefer house sitting or visiting cafes.

If your wife still spends her free time with single friends instead of her married ones, you should start worrying about your marriage. Probably, she is cheating on you and doesn’t want to listen to her ringed friends’ lectures about the unfaithfulness.

A final word

As you can see, there are a lot of reasons and signs that your wife is having an affair. No matter how greatly you love her, it’s worth not getting weak on the knees. Of course, not every man will be able to forget her spouse.

That’s why it goes up to you what to do when you discover your wife has such a terrible secret. And whether you choose to forgive her or not, look back at your relationships to find out what has gone wrong.

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