How to Catch a Cheater?

How to Catch a Cheater?

Catching cheats have never been easier

Let’s admit it, most of us have experienced the gutsy and nagging feeling right in the pit of our stomach – a feeling that makes you certain that your partner may be having an affair. You’ve recognized certain signs that may have aroused suspicion and now you’re out to find proof. 

Uncovering the truth and locking in evidence is not as easy. However, there are few methods you can follow how to catch a cheater, especially with the help of our current evolving technology. Catching cheats have never been easier and these methods are available for all. Keep reading to find them out! 

Do You Have Hard Evidence?

You may be entirely convinced about your partner being unfaithful but it’s neither ideal nor a great idea to accuse a partner without any solid evidence. However, if you do so, chances are they will deny it the moment you confront them and you’ll likely end up being with someone that will never own up to their mistakes if they did cheat. 

There are also instances where your partner would likely continue the affair but in a much sneakier manner, if you happen to accuse them. So, you have to reel them in by surprise and you can start by gathering concrete evidence about their infidelity. 

Are you sure that your partner is cheating?

Before you go ahead and catch your cheater, you’ll have to be certain about what you’re dealing with. Hence, if you’re not sure, look at these brief and subtle signs that indicate your partner’s possible infidelity. 

1. Spends less time at home and with you

A big telltale sign when a partner is cheating is the cold fact that they’ll spend much lesser time at home without any given/valid reason. Of course, this isn’t surprising as one of the top cover-ups for an affair is work. 

Perhaps you may have picked up this unusual behavior of your partner working very late or going away for business trips frequently. Being busy with their work might just be the case, however it’s worth looking into if you’re suspicious. 

2. Constantly fidgeting with their phone and overprotective about it  

A very big clue as to whether or not they are being unfaithful is how your partner would react over their phone. Are they protective over it and even hide their text or phone calls? Yes, this could indicate they are contacting another person. 

3. Puts more effort in terms of appearance 

If you begin to notice how your partner may be upgrading their looks but not paying much attention to you, it could mean they are meeting other people. This could be a sign that they’re not putting in the effort for you but instead trying to impress someone else. 

4. Less intimate/Active in bed 

If your partner’s sex life suddenly drops, it could be because they are being sexually intimate/involved with another person. If this is the case, they probably wouldn’t have the energy to satisfy you both. Hence they will go for the other person.

5. The sex feels quite different 

If you are still sexually active with your partner, it might be concerning if their sexual actions/plays are quite different from before. You might even start to question their unusual sexual behaviors in bed. 

Although your partner could simply be trying to impress you or spice things up in the bed, it could also be another instance of them trying out new things with another person. Hence they may be caught in an affair.

What are your thoughts? 

After reading through these signs that your partner may be cheating, have you arrived at a more concrete conclusion? Of course, there are several other behaviors and physical signs that point towards a cheating partner, but these are some of the top noticeable signs. 

If you do believe your partner is in an affair, let’s dive right in and take a look at some techniques you can use to catch them in the act.

10 Innovative techniques how to catch a cheater 

If you are suspicious of your partner, you must have proof before you accuse them. So before gathering your evidence against your partner, you have to make sure they’re not aware of your suspicions. If they do, they may try their best to cover up the affair.

Also, you’ll have to be certain about your partner’s infidelity as these can be quite risky. If your suspicions are nothing but a gut feeling, it may end your relationship.

Following a partner

This seems to be the most obvious technique, however, many people disregard this technique.  Instead, they wait for their partners to return home and try to catch the scent of another person on their clothes.

When we say follow your partner, we don’t mean taking a newspaper, carving some holes and looking through it or disguising yourself by wearing a wig and sunglasses. There’s not much harm in sitting behind a wheel and following your spouse around. However, you don’t want to get caught before acquiring any solid proof, so make sure you’re staying extremely low and stealthy. 

Try to follow them from behind a few cars and if you notice them at the wrong destination instead of going over to a friend’s place or work like they said so, it would probably mean they are going out to see another person. Why else would they lie about it? 

If you follow this technique, the best way to accuse your partner would be to confront them right on the spot. However, you should be careful and check whether they have another person around them. In this case, get your camera ready and take some pictures as proof.

If you have enough proof about your partner’s infidelity, you can confront them after you reach home by asking, where did you go? They would most likely lie or become flustered because they may have an idea that you have caught them. 

Following a partner with technology 

Today, the world is filled with various technologies, hence various tracking apps are made available at your disposal. This means you don’t have to get out of your house to follow your partner.

These are mostly used among family members & friends for safety and requires the app to be downloaded from the person tracked. However, this obviously won’t sit well with your partner. Hence, you’ll have to access their phone and download the application discreetly.

All that’s needed is to log-in, get on the app and include yourself as their contact. Check whether it’s functioning on your device as well and close the application. Make sure all their tabs are closed and your trace on their phone won’t be noticeable.


After this process, if your partner happens to go out abruptly or take a last-minute business trip, you can simply track them via the app from your phone. The app will provide their exact location without alerting any notifications on their phone. 

If the location tends to be different from what they said, you can look the place up on maps and take a trip yourself (if it is not as far). If they are indeed being unfaithful, this is a great time to catch them off guard and put an end to the affair. 

Drop-in on them, without telling them

This is one of the simplest methods for catching a cheater right in the act. With very little preparation required in hand, all that’s needed is for you to show up and surprise them at a place you aren’t naturally expected. You can go about it in two ways. 

For one, if you’re suspecting your partner of having a workplace affair, drop by unexpectedly at their work to say hello. Take coffee or pack a lunch to provide an excuse for visiting. During your visit, you’ll notice how they may tense up or even have another person standing rather comfortably over their desk. 

Another instance of abruptly dropping in could be when your partner mentions about working late or planning on visiting a friend’s place. If you drop by their location and they’re not there, you may have the answer to all your suspicions. 

But, hold on to your evidence and don’t accuse them yet. Instead, lay low, try calling them and ask what they’re doing or whether they’re still at work. The answer you receive will most likely be your final evidence. 

Sneak into the cloud

No, this does not include the beautiful clouds above. We’re talking about the technological cloud that typically exists in gadgets like phones, laptops, and desktops. In short, the storage space that stores almost everything you have on your device.  

If you are aware of your partner’s login information, you can have a sneak at their cloud. This could even be easier if you’re both sharing a cloud account. Gaining access to their cloud will allow you to look at their photos as well as messages and emails. 

Once inside the cloud, run a good search and you’ll likely find pictures or videos of them with another person if they’re being unfaithful. When you find pictures of them together, you have sufficient evidence to confront them.  

The best part is, you may not even have to confess you were peeking. You can simply admit to finding it while looking at your stuff. Besides, you’ve already caught their act and they can’t hide it anymore. 

Check their phone

This may as well be the most difficult operation to pull off, particularly if they’re overprotective with their phones and may have even changed the passcodes. However, if you’re able to get access to their phone, go ahead and have a look. You should be careful and must avoid getting caught, so, the best time to snoop would be when they’re showering or doing chores. 

Once you get your hands on it, you can search for several things to gather evidence. Start with messages (including media apps like Instagram, Facebook, emails). Just a heads up but people having affairs would typically save the other person’s number with a different name. However, don’t let this stop you and check for any unusual or sexual texts.  

Also, inspect their call logs and look for any frequently contacted numbers. Check their photos as well to get photographic evidence.The App Store is another place where you can gather evidence. You can look up recent searches or downloads and check for recently downloaded/deleted dating app.

tinder dating app

Once you get enough evidence, you can confront your partner. Despite invading their privacy, you can always say it’s nothing compared to their actions. If you’re unable to acquire their phone, take a sneak at their phone bills and check if you can see an unidentified number that’s been frequently contacted. 

If you find such unknown numbers, you can make a quick search on the internet and maybe even give it a call, if you’re brave enough. Just make sure you’re calling it over an untraceable phone, like a payphone. 

Check the credit card bills & receipts 

If you can get access to their credit card bills, it will be extremely useful in catching a cheating partner. It may sound strange but take a proper look at their expenses and see if there are any unusual transactions.

The card could be used anywhere – be it fancy restaurants that they may frequent without you or clothing/gift shops. If you notice how you never received any clothing/gifts or visited any fancy restaurants with them, it could be a sign that your partner is being unfaithful. After all, they’re not going to eat or buy gifts for themselves in secret.

check their credit card

For instance, you may find a dining bill for last Wednesday, however your partner may have told you they were heading for their friend’s place that night. You don’t want to set the trap in too early so, try striking up a conversation by asking how the day went. If they react in a flustered manner, they probably were out dining with the other person. 

Yes, cheaters can be quite careful with hiding their affairs, but skimming through their credit card bills is something your partner would normally not expect from you. Hence, this is a very subtle way of catching your partner, however make sure you’re careful and confront them only after you piece everything together.  

Voice recorders or hidden cameras

This is, no doubt, an invasion of their privacy, however if you’re extremely desperate to gather evidence, you have to use any means available to make your claims. You can get started by installing cameras over the house. Now, this will show whether your partner is inviting other people when you’re not around or even taking phone calls in secret. 

If you’re certain about your partner cheating, try using techs like cameras or even recording devices and place it inside their car. This will record them speaking over the phone with another person or even how to catch a cheater together behaving inappropriately inside the car.

hidden camera photo

If you feel nervous about planting cameras or even hacking into their phone, you can try a much easier alternative. Place your phone around them in the house and leave with the voice recorder on. This will likely go unnoticed with your partner and help pick up useful information and even evidence. 

If you’re certain that they’re being unfaithful and you start to get sick of digging around, you can patch together your evidence – be it pictures, voice recordings, or even videos and confront them outright. They may even try to deny it but nothing can beat a shred of concrete evidence such as pictures and videos. 

Check the trash

Here, hunting the trash would mean going through both the actual trash as well as the computer recycling bin. First things first, let’s start by inspecting the original trash can. For most people, this does sound disgusting but it can provide some solid and genuine proof that your partner could be having an affair. 

Out of all the places, the trash can is the last place they would think you’d inspect. This makes it the perfect place to dig around. Your partner will likely use it as a regular dumping ground for discarding things that associate them with the person they’re having an affair.  So, get your rubber gloves and dig right in. 

However, they may not entirely discard those associated items on the bins kept inside the house. This means the most likely place around the house would be the outside bin. There are no specifics in terms of what to look but you can look for some common clues like love notes, dinner receipts, and even used condoms. 

Lastly, dig into the virtual bin, the one found on a computer. If your partner has exchanged pictures, emails, or any other items, you’ll likely find it deleted, meaning it will be moved to the recycling bin. So, if you’re able to access their computer or phone, have a look at the trash folder as they may have tried to get rid of evidence.  

Hire a detective

This is a move you’ve probably seen the most in films and it may even sound like it ideally exists only in films. However, private detectives are one hundred percent real and while they may not exactly be Sherlock Holmes, they can be extremely helpful in uncovering evidence against cheaters. 

You might find yourself exhausted and out of options or perhaps you’ve been busy with work – whatever the reason, you may be left with very little result. In such an instance, hiring a private detective/investigator could be your best bet.

Hire a detective

Not only will it save you from all the digging and exhaustion but it can help find answers quickly as well. Private detectives are very skilled and the fact that they will likely be unfamiliar to your partner makes the entire setup much better as they will not know they’re being followed.  

However, private detectives may not be the most cost-effective option as they can be very expensive. So, before you consider this technique, try the other methods first instead of splashing or possibly draining out your finances. Plus, you’ll find it satisfying to uncover your partner’s terrible actions all on your own. 

Download spying software

This should be saved only as your last and ultimate resort and should be carried if you’re completely out of other options. Now, it’s no surprise how advanced our world has evolved technologically and today, we have all kinds of software and application for catering to different needs. 

An example would be the spy software, which you can purchase and download to spy on various devices. The software allows you to look into what people are accessing and also the files stored on their devices. Now, that’s a great way of gathering evidence without breaking a leg. 

Apart from software, you can also make use of apps that allow you to inspect in real-time. This would offer complete transparency on calls and texts your partner receives on their phone. All that’s needed is to press their number in and you’ll be able to inspect their calls and texts, even before they can. 

While this is an effective method, it is also highly invasive and violates your partner’s privacy greatly. Hence, you’ll have to careful and certain about their infidelity. Also, there are several different spying software available, so look into it cautiously and choose one that does the job.  

Finally, much like hiring detectives, these software’s do not come cheap. So, if you want to avoid doing any tech work but are ready to splash some cash, we suggest you go with hiring a detective instead of purchasing the software.


If your instincts hint at your partner being unfaithful, you shouldn’t shrug it off too quickly and probably follow it. Accusing your partner based on intuition alone is one thing but confronting them with actual and concrete evidence is another. And let’s admit it, the latter sounds much better.

We hope this article helps in pinning down your partner. Remember, you can’t let them turn the tables on you so be patient, look for red flags and start gathering your evidence so you can confront them head-on. 

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