Top indicators that your partner will cheat again

Top indicators that your partner will cheat again

Once you find out that your partner has a side affair, you fear that they will cheat again. Up to the present time, cheating remains one of the most destructive things for romantic couples. The methods that could secure a relationship from this problem are simply non-existent. Thus, many people wonder whether they are safe from being cheated on again.

The future is unpredictable, and even though you strongly believe in something or someone, reality plays by its own rules. Usually, people have specific models of behaviour, which change only in extreme cases. In other words, to rebuild someone’s mentality is a labour-consuming and often thankless job. If your partner has cheated on you at least once, it could turn out to be a repetitive pattern.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to know for sure that your spouse will cheat again, or vice versa. Nevertheless, several methods let you estimate the approximate possibility of repeated infidelity. They work flawlessly, even for those who know little about human psychology. Everything you need is a little bit of time and attention. Eventually, your attempts pay off, and you decide whether you should continue your journey with this particular person.

They hide something from you

First of all, observe your partner’s demeanour. One of the infallible signs that they will cheat again is uptight behaviour and secrecy. You notice that your loved one became less outgoing lately without any evident reasons. At the same time, they are hesitant to have an honest talk with you. Generally, it looks like they hide something from you.

If your partner has cheated on you in the past, try to make up your mind. Analyse the changes, and everything falls into place. You recognise the previous situation. In case that your spouse feels uneasy all the time, it means that something is bothering them. Both lies and nervousness lead to the conclusion that your loved one found new love again.

On the other hand, nervousness could be a sign of other various problems. Of course, if your partner has cheated on you once, you see betrayal in every little detail. Yet, avoid jumping to conclusions right away! To begin with, ascertain that your significant other has someone on the side. In case that your train of thought is wrong, a scandal is inevitable.

They think you are the reason for their adultery

will cheat again

Surprisingly, some unfaithful partners have the audacity to blame others for their infidelity. Remember that if your partner has cheated on you in the past and placed the responsibility on you, they could be a serial traitor. Individuals like these are pretty peculiar, as they fail to see the problem in themselves whenever adultery happens. They act as if they are helpless victims of the circumstances and insolently demand your forgiveness.

Often, constantly cheating people end up with partners who suffer from low self-esteem. Such a couple is the perfect combination for an endless loop, where one betrays, and the other takes the blame on themselves. What are the arguments that such people with low morale present to you? Here are some of them:

  • You became less attractive. Shockingly, most spouses see this as a valid reason to find a new lover. For them, to inspire a current partner for improvements is more challenging than to cheat;
  • You flirt with other people too. Paranoid individuals get so lost in their jealousy that they expect you to leave them any second. Thus, they decide to outstrip you to be on the safe side.

Thus, your couple got bogged down in a routine. Indeed, mundane activities are fun-killers, but all people have responsibilities. If the partner blames you for their boredom, it is time to consider a breakup.

Your partner has cheated on you before

Additionally, a warning to stay alert is the fact that your romantic partner cheated in the past. Undoubtedly, their previous actions are hardly a guarantee that a person will cheat again. Nevertheless, the chances of betrayal are high if you date a once guilty person. In this case, you act as a judge whose attitude to criminal forms based on his past wrongdoings.

To put it differently, a cheater’s partner has to be biased towards them from now on. Sadly, this complication is troublesome for both people in the relationship. On the one hand, the betrayed one experiences permanents psychological tension, without a chance to relax. On the other hand, the traitor carries the burden of his guilt and must evade any suspicious behaviour.

Separate people believe that glueing the crumbling family together is impossible. According to their logic, even a single case of infidelity shows the true nature of a human. They will cheat again without any doubt. Hence, you only lose your time trying to fix the unfixable.

They hardly try to restore the situation

Imagine that your significant other cheated in the past. Now you have to live with the consequences. Granted that you feel the devastating effect of the infidelity but still want to rebuild your couple, assistance from the other side is necessary. However, the person who had adultery sometimes lacks the responsibility to help you fix the situation.

In particular, you attempt to replenish the aspects of your family life that might have led to the cheating in the first place. It could be anything: from the absence of mutual hobbies to different sexual preferences. Maybe, the person cheated in the past due to the little attention from your side. Anyway, you put effort into the improvements and expect the same from your spouse.

On the contrary, the traitor refuses to invest in your partnership in any way. This nuisance is what makes you suspect that they will cheat again. Indeed, someone who plans to be unfaithful in the future is unlikely to strengthen the relationship. For them, you are a temporary partner.

They make infidelity a reoccurring thing

Finally, if your husband or wife cheated in the past multiple times, prepare for future adultery as well. As an illustration, let’s suppose that your husband had a long-term side relationship with another woman. You revealed the infidelity too late. As a result, they formed a bond too strong for a simple affair. Moreover, the woman is your spouse’s coworker, which creates additional problems.

The former lovers see each other every day, despite your discovery. In fact, be sure that their feelings for each other still exist. To minimise the risk of repeated adultery, attempt to talk your husband into changing his job. This method is effective, even though quite radical.

It is essential to realise that the spouse may meet your suggestions with aggression. The resistance from his side is understandable. Few people enjoy abrupt changes. Interpret his reaction as the refusal to compromise for the sake of your well-being. Sooner or later, your loved one could hook up again with his colleague or any other woman. Thus, make up your mind about the wisest decision you can make in this case.

How do people reveal a cheater for the first time?

One day, unfortunately, it can happen to anyone. All probable proofs align into one logical chain and you understand that your loved one really cheats. How to catch a cheater? Today, there are infinite ways to detect a liar and present them with proof of their infidelity. To begin with, a person has the opportunity to turn to the good old ways of investigation. Look for lipstick stains or hair on their clothing, check the pockets, raid their table drawer. Next, there is an option to track them down by hiding behind. However, this method is risky and dangerous.

Likewise, an anxious partner may decide to use modern technologies. Nowadays, you are free to choose any mobile spying application from the hundreds present in the market. One of the leaders in the digital field is Spybubble. Just like its competitors, this program allows to:

  • See GPS location of the target device;
  • Record incoming and outgoing calls;
  • Read her/his text messages;
  • Analyse browser history;
  • Detect passwords.

This particular application works with Mac and Android. Nonetheless, you are free to choose the software that suits you the most. Just make sure that you remain unnoticed when you download and install it. Otherwise, your partner could be highly offended and even demand a divorce.

Scientific data on the serial cheaters

Most people have a vague idea about the scale of infidelity and especially the percentage of serial cheaters. Without scientific data, we can only imagine how many partners turn out to be backstabbers. However, the specific numbers allow estimating the probability of such a situation in relationships and preventing similar cases in every separate family.

There is a website that allows sharing your experiences regarding adultery. You participate in a poll anonymously and pick the answers that reflect the truth the most. According to the Truth About Deception web page, more than ninety-five thousand respondents have already taken place in the survey.

As of April 28, 2021, almost 54% of women cheated on their spouses more than once, and 66.9% of men had a side affair multiple times. The figures are shocking, and they demonstrate the prevalence of the chronic cheating problem.

How to solve the issue with a serial cheating partner?

Eventually, a person whose spouse cheated on them multiple times needs to make a final decision. Intending to do everything right, a partner considers all the facts. On one scale, there is the remaining love. On the other scale lies all the pain that the backstabber caused.

In the first place, you could attempt to forgive them and transform your spouse into a loyal individual. In such cases, couple therapy is a must. Secondly, some people decide to take a short break from each other to think over their feelings and get back with a fresh mind. The final and most radical solution is total parting, which leads to new beginnings.

Final words

game over

To sum up, serial infidelity is quite a widespread problem. Cheaters often feel unpunished and, therefore, free to betray you again and again. If you ended up in a relationship with a chronic cheater, be ready to move on into a new, happy future!


How many traitors are serial cheaters?

According to the latest statistics, 54% of cheaters among women and 67% of cheaters among men are prone to serial infidelity.

What are the red flags that point at the cheater?

Multiple signals warn you about a cheater. If a partner lies or hides something, fails to invest in your relationship, and has cheated before, be sure that it is happening again.

How can they prove their faithfulness in the future?

In case that a traitor puts colossal effort into rebuilding your partnership, the risk of adultery decreases. However, the probability is always above zero.

How to tell that their apology is frank?

In most cases, you may estimate their honesty by the cheater’s emotions during their apology. Also, consider their other behaviour in a relationship.

What exactly proves that they regret infidelity?

There are two options. First, you listen to the words of your spouse and then analyse their demeanour. If a person looks depressed, most probably they do regret cheating on you.

How do cheaters act during a confrontation?

There are as many behaviours during the confrontation as many people there are. Some backstabbers admit their guilt immediately, while the others act defensively and show anger.

Do you have to forgive the traitor?

To forgive the cheater or not is up to you. Yet, if you stay with them, you must always be alert.

Why do people betray their loved ones?

The answer is simple. If someone betrayed you, it was unlikely true love. Curiosity and boredom seldom can get in the way of true feelings.

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