Mimic+ Plus Vibrator by Clandestine

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  • Approximately 4.25' inches long; 3.75' inches across

  • 100% Waterproof 

  • Travel Lock Enabled! (press +/- simultaneously and hold)

  • Non-porous High Quality Silicone

  • Re-charchable (Magnetic USB)



I first came across Clandestine Devices first iteration of this product, the Mimic, last year, and was immediately intrigued by its design. For starters, it looks like a stingray, and second, it basically looks like (and is) a bath TOY. Meant to MIMIC, the shape of a tongue on one side, and the palm of a hand on the other, the idea for this toy was brilliant! However, when I began searching reviews for this product, it’s performance kept coming up short. The reviewers attributed this to the weak vibrations and silicone structure that didn’t hold it shape well enough. Needless to say, I held off on my purchase. I was disappointed because I thought this toy had such potential.

When I heard about the release of Mimic+ Plus though, I had to AT LEAST t go give it a look see. Upon my initial investigation I noticed the Mimic plus is already larger than the prior model, which made me very happy. It allowed for a more pronounced shape, and what looked like a sturdier silicone structure that I hoped didn’t flatten under pressure. The site touted that the Mimic plus had resolved its prior product setbacks, including much stronger vibes, however as a more experienced vibrator user, I remained skeptical. However, when saw a video of the vibration settings in action, I had a renewed excitement, so when the Mimic+ Plus finally arrived, I couldn’t wait to tear it open, and had to slow myself down so I could take a minute to appreciate the packaging and take some photos of the unboxing. 



  • Grasp is limited

  • Colors are limited

  • The charger situation is awkward, and can be bumped out of position easily, be careful that you don’t end up with a dead toy!

  • CW for binary language on their IG and website :(


  • Sturdy silicone shape

  • Strong vibrations

  • Large surface area

  • High quality silicone

  • Holds a long charge

  • Meaty core and three powerful motors


I’m a fan of the Mimic+ PLUS! Clandestine Devices had a great initial product concept with the first mimic, however the execution did not live up to the expectations. With the Mimic Plus, it absolutely lived up mine. The company really took the feedback into consideration and came back with a product that knocks it out of the park! We wanted stronger vibes? They GAVE US STRONGER VIBES. The vibration feels also range from a buzzy feel on the lighter settings, to more a rumbly feel on the higher ones. I spent probably 20 minutes just sitting on my living room carpet playing with the settings and just watching it roam around on the floor, like it has a mind of it’s own!!! I imagine this would be so hilarious and fun in the bathtub!

This product is a blast! There is so much surface area to play with, different ridges, dips and curves, it’s hard to get bored! With a strong structure to the core, a powerful core motor, as well as two more motors in the wings, you feel the vibes throughout the whole toy. It can be a lot of fun during partnered play as well, because of the shape, pressed flat against the clitoris and labia during penetration can offer a partner vibration stimulation around their genitals or pubic bones during a variety of positions! 

I also found this toy to be a wonderful toy for those who love to hump!! This toy is shaped to be comfortably placed against the crotch/public bone area and between a pillow, for example. I really enjoy the option of humping something with this toy, and I get a sense of euphoria from the motion and the fantasy. I think this toy would be a great option for both those who love to hump, especially for trans and nonbinary babes who may feel dysphoric around their genitals. 

Last, I have to get into the structure, of which with I was very impressed! The toy is significantly “meatier”, with a very sturdy core. The curves of the wings and the tip are more pronounced and hold their shape, while still feeling delicate and smooth like a tongue. I have used this toy almost every night since receiving it! I think it is well-made, has an innovative and functional design, and holds a charge for solo or partnered playtime up to 4 hours!!! 

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