Palma Vibrating Ring by Unbound

I was definitely excited to receive this new product from Unbound Babes, but how could I not be? A conversation starting, gorgeous statement 14K gold vibrating ring? Sign me up! As a sex educator. I love a way to more casually initiate conversation that’s are sex-positive (and that’s what so many of the reviews loved about it). Also, I love to keep a small zip bag of sex essentials” if I am going out with the potential to have sex or be intimate with someone. Usually that would include at least a small vibrator, condoms, lube packets, wipes, etc). This is great and means I have one less thing to carry! Can I also say that if I had continued my stint at FIDM and pursued a career in fashion design, 100 percent this would have been the direction I would take. 


  • 100% Waterproof

  • 3 speeds

  • 2 custom modes (i’ll get into this)

  • Charges in 1hr; 1 hr of use

  • Swivels to either vertical or horizontal position

  • Available in either electroplated 14K gold or surgical grade stainless steel

The first thing I did when I received the Palma of course, was a photoshoot slash inspection. Yet again, Unbound knocks it out of the park with well executed packaging and accessories. The charging station doubles as a soft, sparkly, pearly white ring holder that looks divine on display. It also comes with a teal suede carrying pocket for safekeeping. 


The Palma itself, is honestly breathtaking. The shape is simple but thoughtful and it catches the light in beautifully delicate ways. Really just, WOW. It is subtle as a vibrator, but large enough to garner compliments. That’s when you get decide how much you want to talk about the sex toy on your finger (and if you do, give your friends your referral code and get your coin!)

With the ring resizer, it fit comfortably on my ring finger, without it, it fights comfortable on my index finger. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit my middle ringer, lol. I do have to mention though this MAJOR setback, the fact that this ring is only available up to size 8 ring. My hands aren’t even that large, and I can barely fit the size 8 on my middle finger. This is an unfortunate and exclusionary oversight, and I hope they intend to extend the sizing for larger hands and rings sizes. 

After giving it its rightful first full charge before testing it out. I wore it out for the day. I went out for a nice hot & sunny day in Philadelphia to go plant shopping and grab lunch with a friend. Paired with other gold accessories, all-black activewear and the most amazing holographic fanny pack (also from Unbound) I could have every thought of, this ring proves to be a versatile accessory on its own. I got compliments from both my Lyft driver, who wanted to feel it and wants one of their own, as well as a from someone on the bus, who motioned at my entire outfit and then ended with an approving nod. 

Now, I admit I had to run off to the restroom during the day to rest the toys “situational application of use”… lol. I had to be sure it could easily be turned on and flipped and operated under rendezvous-type circumstances. This was the first time I turned it on since it’s full charge, and dang! It was powerful. It almost got me there through my underwear and plants. Needless to say I was excited to get back home to play with Palma!

When you look at Palma, you wouldn’t think you would get such intense vibes form something as small as a baby carrot, but this little ring packs a punch! There is also something about the smooth, cool feel of the 14K gold that is very tantalizing and increases the sensations. It is also easy to hold, as it’s literally attached to your finger, and was great for avoiding hand cramping, an issue I personally commonly face during masturbation. 

Switch on over to the custom modes and you’ve got yourself some super fun creative play. One setting allows you to record a vibration pattern, so if customizing your pulsations is something you’re into, you will love this! My favorite mode though, is the gravity activated intensity spectrum. Isn’t that a brilliantly fancy name I came up with? Essentially tilting the ring upright causes the strongest vibrations, while tilting it to a parallel position slows the motor down to a nice, low buzz, ready to be revved up again!

For an experienced vibrator user, I was surprised at how quickly this got me off and how excited I was by the execution of these features! This product has a strong motor, but does not too heavy as to feel uncomfortable worn as an accessory for a long period of time. I am very glad I held off on a purchase of a vibrating necklace, because the execution and practicality of the Palma is excited what I needed in a wearable device!! I am so excited to have this in my vibrator collection, however I hope they extend the sizing so any BODY can have one of their very own! 

Stay tuned for another Unbound review of their newest product (pictured in the photo) the Dazy CBD-Infused Lube!

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