16 Signs He is Making Love to You

16 Signs He is Making Love to You

There is a very thin line stretched between what seems to be having casual sex and making love. Despite seen as the same, they are quite different from one another. This can at times struck a confusing concept for many.

So, how do you figure out which is which?

Well, there will always be subtle hints that indicate it may be more than “just sex” for him. You can read on down below for signs he is making love to you.

He keeps close eye contact

eyes contact

If your man happens to make eye contact during sex, this could be a definite sign that he’s into you and he may as well be lost in the moment. When he continues to keep the contact and confront your gaze with much enthusiasm, chances are, the sex game is going strong, especially for him.

Looking into one’s eyes while making love is an indication of appreciation and connection from his end. However, if he avoids eye contact, this could go two ways – either he’s shy or uninterested. If he steals glances but cannot maintain direct eye contact, this could just be a case of shyness.

Puts focus on giving


The biggest difference between making love & having sex is that during your sexual encounters, he will ensure that you’re enjoying the lovemaking as well. If he was only interested in some casual sex, he will end up ejaculating without any thoughts for your pleasure.

If your partner is truly into you and equally pay attention to your pleasure and arousal, he will react intuitively to your sexual desires and generously give his all to relish your time together in bed.

From massaging to giving gentle kisses and going down on you, he will make sure your intimacy goes beyond “just sex”. He may also ask about what your preferences and kinks are in sex. He would switch up his pace, moan and give out those sounds of pleasure as a way of showing he likes it.

You can feel his hero aura

When the two of you are cuddled together in bed, he’ll feel like a hero to you or rather “your hero”. He’ll hold you tight, protect and let you feel completely safe in his presence. It may sound silly but he would thrive in your admiration for him. When your man is completely falling over the moon for you, it will make sense.

Why? Because they often have an impulse to seek relationships that reward them with the provider status. Most men do have a knack for admiration and they will try their best to take it up a notch by providing and protecting the women in his life.

If you can feel the hero aura around him, chances are, he may have fallen for you already. He sees himself as sort of a provider – sometimes this equates to him being wanted and needed instead of being a mere accessory to you.

Gives endless kisses

Let’s admit it, quickies are in order from time to time and while they may be quick and fun, a man that truly loves you will want to go beyond “quickies”. Meaning, he’ll hold and kiss you much longer.

A man like that will not rush into kissing you. He’ll take his time, observe and look into your eyes while caressing your face tenderly. With his undivided attention, you’ll be loving every second of it.

If you find your man smothering you with plenty of kisses during some intense lovemaking, it’s a given sign that he likes you and wants to ensure you’re feeling valued. Right from the moment he kisses, you can sense his love and fulfillment in being with you (or making love with you).

Keeps the sex going again and again 

When a man begins to make love and wants to level up beyond temporary sex, you’ll be showered with more kisses and not just on your lips but your entire body. The body will indeed become a temple and he’ll want to worship you repeatedly.

He’ll eventually want to kiss and cuddle after and then get hard again, leading to another steamy round. When he reaches in for the second round, you can bet the sex will feel more intimate and intense. This time, it will be more than tending to his physical desires.

After a round or two of intense lovemaking and orgasm, he may even fall asleep right away but you can take that as a positive sign that he enjoyed himself and your company.

The pillow-talk is something else

Love and intimacy involves more than just your physical being. Emotional intimacy and conversations that follow up, especially after sex is actually a positive and warm indication of meaningful lovemaking.

Although guys avoiding or disliking pillow talk after sex is often thrown around as a popular stereotype, there’s more truth to it than that. When they’re truly into you, many guys enjoy making conversations with their lovers after doing the deeds.

So, ladies make sure you keep your ears open! If he truly has feelings for you, your man will initiate deep conversations in bed and share private matters about his life. The topics may often get personal and deep but it will help build a connection for the two of you.

You’ll feel like opening up more

Having “just sex” is a lot more different than making love. If you’ve been making love, he’ll take his time instead of cutting straight to penetration. This is because pleasurable interaction includes more than just sex and he actually enjoys making conversations with you.

You’ll slowly feel like opening up to him and there will more affection, touching, and closeness involved before getting heated up in bed. You’ll feel more intimate with him, both physically and emotionally.

Just as you’d like to, your man would want to relish your time together while building anticipation between the two of you. He’ll look forward to listening more and pay attention to the things you do. You’ll both garner a sense of security and bask in those emotions that allow you to open up and be flexible.

Let’s you know about his fantasies


Just as sex or making love requires a certain level of openness to intimacy, so does sharing sexual fantasies. It requires a different type of trust that most people aren’t able to achieve with their partners.

Especially, if your man is naturally timid and shy, he may have a difficult time expressing his fantasies. However, when he sees things as more than sex, he’ll be open about his fantasies and may even foreplay it between the sheets.

If you’re planning to stick with your man for a long time and possibly even marry, he must be open to sharing his fantasies and vice versa. If the two of you are unable to share and explore your fantasies in the bedroom, what’s the point?

Keeps the talk low and slow

If there’s any magic formula for getting a woman riled up in bed, it definitely has to be some good old whispering in the ears. Women do love the intimacy and passion involved in a hot whisper session.

The thing about whispering is that it’s a great move for any position during your lovemaking session. So, if your man applies the slow talk and whisper trick during your lovemaking, be sure to hold to this one a little longer.

He ensures you get undivided attention and proceeds to take time with the intimacy involved in sex. He slows down, makes it more sensual, and allows both of you to enjoy the experience you’re sharing. Plus, he’ll want to keep the sexual and connection engaged for however long it can last.

He pays attention and listens

You might be a shy talker or conversationalist but if he’s really into you, he’ll take time to ask what you want and desire – both in and outside the bed. If you’re particularly shy about things, you’ll find him encouraging you to more honest and make you feel comfortable.

When you tell about your likes and preferences, he’ll be attentive and even encourage you to be open about things so that you’re both able to grow in a relaxing environment and enjoy making love without holding back.

Asking and listening is the bare minimum in a relationship. Hence, if he values your relationship, he won’t be laughing things off or judging you but instead pay attention to what you’re saying. He may even offer to help out around certain conversations if you’re willing to open up with him.

Opens up to new things

A clear cut sign that your man is enjoying your company and may even want more is that he’ll want to try out something new and spice things up in bed. This likely means he doesn’t just want to satisfy his physical needs but go beyond that realm.

He may not want to get super wild and kinky but he looks forward to doing little experiments and is keen on sharing new experiences. Sex includes more than getting physically wrapped with each. It can also be fun and playful.

Whether it’s trying out toys, positions, roleplaying, oils, or any other fantasies, his openness to try out new things could be a positive indicator of him getting excited by you – particularly if he’s a reserved man. One does not always have to remain physically chained “in bed” to get things started. If the two of you feel right, that’s your cue. Go for it!

Keeps the calls coming

A man that’s sticking around only for sex will not even bother to hit you up or stay in touch after doing the deeds. However, if you find your man doing that, he should harbor some genuine feelings towards you.

If you have a man that’s good at expressing, you better expect some lovey-dovey messages and of course, lovemaking! If he’s seeing more than sex, he’ll definitely call. And it won’t just be to schedule another steamy trip between the trips.

He’ll call, chat, and check-in on you by asking how your day went and to invite you over for coffee/dinner. Your man will likely follow up with a call because he feels connected to you and wants more.

There’s more to it than your looks

We all come in different shapes & sizes and while they all stand to be beautiful on their own, many are still insecure about being too fat/skinny or having too many blemishes. However, when a man sets his heart on making love to you, your looks just won’t matter to him.

To him, you will seem to be the perfect woman. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with physical attraction. But when he goes beyond the physical aspect and focuses on your overall energy and beauty, rest assured the lovemaking session will encompass another level of intimacy.

A lot of men would often face the other way and instantly doze off after the act. However, if he continues to shower you with affection by being closer, offering forehead kisses, and cuddling, this signifies how he’s interested beyond your looks.

He sticks around and does not want to leave

This particularly applies to couples that are not staying together. If a man is only interested in sex and does not bother with staying the night, he’ll prefer to leave soon after his sexual needs are fulfilled.

If he chooses to stay and casually throws around a few of his clothes at your place, he might be into you and wants to do some lovemaking instead of just sex. We know the drill of being with a man that seems uninterested and not serious. Once the sex reaches its high, it’s stop, drop & roll time for him.

Well, if your man is feeling some type of way for you, he’ll stick around, make conversations, food, and even watch films with you. He won’t be in a rush to get dressed and leave for work or any other appointments. He’ll surely hang around, hold and maybe even cuddle with you.

Shows his vulnerable and emotional side

The harsh truth is that some guys just want nothing else other than sex. The rest of him is like cold turkey. But if you find your man willing to converse, express his emotions & feelings, and listens to your wants and needs, he’s probably in love.

As a way of showing his emotional connection inside the sheets, he’ll hold you close, give gentle touches, and kiss your cheeks & body. The best part is he’ll let you know what he’s feeling even after the work is done. And why is that?

Well, because things have now become more than sex for him. He doesn’t only focus on the hellos and goodbyes – indicating he’s in no rush and wants more time with you, be it for some lovemaking or even a romantic movie night. When he opens up, you’ll feel as though he’s opening his soul and inviting you. It may be risky & raw but that’s what true lovemaking is about.

He doesn’t hide and lets his desires known

When a man is making love, you can bet you’ll hear some noise and see him let loose. He’ll begin to moan, thrust deeply and cradle with you afterward. He can also openly direct the depth of his feelings for you and will not shy away from it.

You can say he’s more relaxed, less self-conscious, distant, and robotic. You can see how invested he is by observing how engaged he is in the moment and how he levels with both emotional and physical desires. Your man’s body language will be more confident and easygoing, hinting at his relaxation around you.

Relaxation often indicates how your lovemaking has hit a home run for him. A man in love will often make sure he stays on your mind as well even after sex. So, before the act, he may even take you out for dinners or any other outdoor activities. Watch out for it because he may even pay surprise visits with flowers and chocolates.


These are only a few signs he is making love to you. But keep in mind that each man deals with expressing love in his way. So, you shouldn’t rush into doubting him these signs aren’t relatable to your relationship.

Judging from experience, a missing link in most relationships is not the sex to begin with. One needs to communicate and work your way through it if both the parties want a successive relationship.

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